Ricardo Fuhrmann | Daniel Jelin

Termine 2014

Ausstellung 2014

12. Mai bis 19. Mai

Ausstellung in der Knesset (Jerusalem)

Texte/Berichte zur Mai-Ausstellung in der Knesset (Jerusalem)
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Eröffnungsrede von Ricardo Fuhrmann (englisch)

Ladies and gentlemen

My name is Ricardo Fuhrmann and I'm not only speaking as one of the artists but also on behalf of my associate the artist Daniel Jelin, who unfortunately can' t be here for family reasons.

I'm an artist and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with German-Jewish roots. I have been living in Eastern-Frisia, a small part of Germany close to the Netherlands for over 20 years. Eastern-Frisia was the home of my family before they escape from the Holocaust.

I'm very proud to present our exhibition "Ostfriesland-Haggadah" here in the Knesset today.

I have been interested in Haggadot and especially in the history of their illustration for more than 25 years. In the early 90-ties I had the

fortune to meet Mr. Herbert Jonas, also a German-Jewish citizen. He was a great book lover and he had at that time a collection from over 700 Haggadot.

A unique opportunity to arouse my curiosity and my desire to learn. That was the time when I decided that some day I would also illustrate a Haggadah.

Our dream to create a new one could become reality many years later by the help of the "Deutsche-Israelische Gesellschaft Ostfriesland", the German-Israeli Friendship Association from Eastern-Frisia, specially by the wonderful and endless engagement of Mr. Wolfgang Freitag.

The whole project consists of two steps:

In the first step, wich lasted two years, we developed 52 artworks inspired by the Haggadah. As artists our main goal was to experiment and not only to try new visions of the well-known themes but also to discover some new subjects to illustrate.

Here is only one example: as we went on with our research , we found out that Moses was probably a stammer, as he said from himself in front of the burning bush: "I have a heavy thongue ".

We created three artworks related to this subject. One of them is here. As far as I know it is the first time that something like this is done.

The result of our work was presented in five different german cities attended by a great number of visitors. for us as artists it was really amazing and stimulating to see the reaction of the visitors and their inmense curiosity in Jewish culture. The first step was succesfully finished in December 2013.

What you can see here is not the complete exhibition but a kind of documentation with some original artworks. I would like to highlight that all , really all, the works were done by Daniel Jelin and by myself as an artist-duo. A really difficult challenge but also very inspiring.

As a second step we want to create a small edition of artist-books, handcoloured, handbounded with fully new originals. This "Ostfriesland-Haggadah" will be in German and Hebrew and finished, we hope, by Pessach 2015.

It follows the tradition to name some Haggadot after the place where they were created.

We are more than happy to announce the beginning of step two in your presence and at this very special place,the Knesset.

But we have another reason to be thankful:

There is a group here of people from Eastern-Frisia who have specially come to join this presentattion.

And there are also present Mr. Samuel Blum, the son of the last Rabbi in Eastern-Frisia, Mrs. Shulamit Jaari (nee Sophie Nussbaum), Both of them live here in Israel but were born in Eastern-Frisia and escaped from the Holocaust. for us they are very, very special guests.

I must not forget to thank some people for all their very kind help and enormous support. All this would not have been possible without them. The wave of solidarity that criss-crossed the preparations for the exhibition and also for this presentation, overhelmed us. All over the way we found not only open ears but also open hearts.

Let me add only one more important aspect for us. Eastern-Frisia is , and I don´t mean it malliciously, really in a certain way at the end of the world and there are no more Jewish communities since the second world war. We are very moved that such a project could be able to bloom there and not in the fashionable Berlin or in the rich Munich.

This time a new Haggadah is coming from the deep Germany all the way here to the Knesset and we are full of joy and proud for that.

Thank you very much

Ricardo Fuhrmann